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What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is a website in which a virtual community contributes and modifies information. Unlike “static” websites typically published by a contributor, a wiki involves its many users in an ongoing process of creation and collaboration, and those edits or additions of topic pages are updated real-time (“Wiki” is a Hawaiian word for “fast”).

Secondly, a wiki is a website that enables knowledge and information to be “cross-referenced”, meaning topic pages and terms crosslink information between one another. For example, a page dedicated to cellulosic ethanol might include the word biomass in its discussion. If it is highlighted, you can click on it and go directly to a page about biomass. (To see this in action, click on cellulosic ethanol above.)

So what can you do?

  • Browse. This is a site like other sites. Read and follow interesting links.
  • Write. Speak your mind! From your browser you can change or add to anything you see in a topic. Use regular text or wiki syntax.
  • Try. Do not worry that anything could go wrong. When you change a topic, its previous versions are saved and can be recovered.
  • Start to figure it out. Some good places to start: