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Welcome to the Biofuels Wiki

A new lease on life

This site is being reborn again after being closed for more than two years to people seeking information about biofuels, biomass, biorefining and industrial biotech. The site contains more than 1,300 pages of content already and our goal is to expand this in future. Over the course of the next few weeks, the site will be updated. We hope you'll visit, search and if you're a subject matter expert, create a profile and add a page or make some edits. For questions or if you'd like to make a contribution, contact the Site Administrator.


The Biofuels Wiki provides a virtual online encyclopedia about renewable fuels, the feedstocks required for biofuels production, biorefining? and the industrial bioproducts and coproducts that result from conversion of biomass. Thanks to contributions by more than a 200 people from all over the world, the biofuels wiki has grown to more than 1,300 pages covering the broad range of inter-related subjects and terminology making up the biofuels and related sectors. You can find information by either clicking Search or Index.
Share your knowledge

The Biofuels Wiki also helps to connect the growing global biofuels community and many companies have chosen to list their organizations on this site and contribute their specialized expertise to the subject matter on these pages. If you have any expertise anywhere along the biofuels value chain, please contribute your knowledge to this site by creating a topic, or adding to or editing an existing page. If you are a scientist or researcher, please provide a summary of your research with links back to your own website, university department or scientific paper. You'll find the Biofuels Wiki (what is a wiki?) easy to use.


A large version of this image is available for download on its own page. Please credit the Biofuels Wiki for its use.


LinkedIn is a fast-growing professional networking site that allows members to create business contacts, search for jobs, and find potential clients. Individuals have the ability to create their own professional profile that can be viewed by others in their network, and also view the profiles of their own contacts. A feature of this wiki is that subject-matter experts can easily associate their biofuels wiki contributions with their LinkedIn profiles. This way, content contributions can also be a professional development tool.

To link your LinkedIn account to the Biofuels Wiki:
  • From your LinkedIn Profile, copy the URL labeled "Public Profile."
  • Login to the Biofuels Wiki website, then click on your username at the top left hand side of the page.
  • Click "edit" to update your profile.
  • Paste your LinkedIn Public Profile URL into the field labeled "Linked In URL" and save changes.
  • The "Share on LinkedIn" button is at the top left hand side of the page. Click on it after you have created or edited a page and post your update on LinkedIn.
About this site

The Biofuels Wiki was started in 2008 by the Biofuels Center to provide a science-based, value-neutral site, capable of adding, editing, and easily crosslinking and connecting the broad range of subject matter related to biofuels, biorefining and industrial bioproducts. In 2010, recognition of the site resulted in the U.S. DOE providing funding to upgrade the Biofuels Wiki to enable it to better serve visitors. Read more about the site, enhancements and funding HERE: If you would like to report a technical glitch, please email us.
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Every topic in the Biofuels Wiki Home web allows you to create or add keywords (called "tags") which help categorize topics. This allows you and other members of the community to simultaneously improve site navigation and benefit from the growing number of peer-to-peer contributions. The words below are tags that have already been added to topics. The larger the font, the greater the number of times that the keyword has been used. You can add new tags to a solution by clicking the "Add Tag" link that sits at the top of each topic. To find topics that have been tagged with a specific keyword, just click on that word below:

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