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An example of a typical page - and some tips

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It is possible to easily create a link to other topics, or terms that are included in the Biofuels Wiki. These topics are otherwise known as a WikiWord?. The way to do so is to double bracket with square brackets a word - Example: biomass or cellulosic ethanol. This automatically enables the site to find that topic in the wiki. Any piece of text that is formatted as a WikiWord?, will automatically crosslink and doesn't need foo? square brackets. So if you think a term or word is likely to be in the Biofuels Wiki and should be linked to, place double brackets around that word or phrase.

biofuels.jpgThe simplest way to insert an image or logo in a topic is to do click on the paperclip icon above to upload the image from your computer. After attaching the image, click on the "Insert an image" icon above (the small tree icon) and select your image from the "image list." Under the "Appearance" tab, set the alignment to "Right." You can also adjust the size of your image here if needed.

To link to a website outside of the Biofuels Wiki, highlight the text that you want to link from and click on the "Insert/edit link" icon above and enter the URL into the field labeled "Link URL." See below under External Links.
External Links: (HEADING 5)

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