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The Biofuels Center hosts and helps maintain the Biofuels Wiki for the global biofuels community and for all visitors interested in using this site as a resource. It does so on a voluntary basis and is not responsible for content on this site which is provided by a broad community of contributors from industry, the scientific community, students and other interested individuals. To prevent "wiki vandalism" or inappropriate content, Integrated Media Strategies monitors the site and helps reformat some of the content for readability.

To ensure the site remains a useful resource to all visitors, abuse will not be tolerated. Users who post inappropriate content or spam, or who engage in personal attacks or other wiki vandalism, will be deleted, along with their content. To report abuse or technical issues you may be experiencing, please contact us and tell us the problem you are encountering. Please get in touch, too, if you have any suggestions for this site. We will reply within 24 - 48 hours, unless it's a weekend or over the holidays.

Please participate and add your knowledge and information in your area of expertise.